piffle! is a live radio show hosted by brothers Josh & Noah Telson that brings together comedians, actors, musicians and other funny people for a wild and bizarre hour of improvised facts, sketch comedy, music and conversation.


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Episode Twenty – The Media

Episode Twenty – The Media

Released | Recorded
Guests: Teresa Bergman, Peter Oliver, Andrew Reid

We’re as mad as hell, but we’ll keep on taking it for a bit longer. It’s the season finale of Season 2! And we dedicate an entire episode to the abyss that is The Media. What is The Media? Noah … Continued

Latest Short

piffle! short – The MSM

piffle! short – The MSM

Released | Recorded
Guests: Andrew Reid, Peter Oliver

The Main Stream Media! After getting sidetracked by marriage, we play a sketch cut from Episode 20 – The Media about a group of robed men getting sidetracked by the MSM. We will be on break until the end of … Continued

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