piffle! is a live radio show hosted by brothers Josh & Noah Telson that brings together comedians, actors, musicians and other funny people for a wild and bizarre hour of improvised facts, sketch comedy, music and conversation.


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Episode Eighteen – Theater

Episode Eighteen – Theater

Released | Recorded
Guests: VOLK, Stephanie Tucci, Rebecca Jacobson

Friends, Romans, piffleheads, lend me your ears… With all the silly sketches we do, we thought it was about time we dedicate an entire episode to theater (or is it theatre?). Appearing in the role of our guests, we’re joined … Continued

Latest Short

piffle! short – Piffle Pygmalion

piffle! short – Piffle Pygmalion

Released | Recorded

Well, that happened. We do something completely different and play a quick improv game called “Pick a Play” where Noah can only read lines from the play “Pygmalion”. It gets… weird. But it’s all about theater! And it’s our last … Continued

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