piffle! episode twenty-four – Improv Special with August Offensive winners

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Cats are people, too!

In a special “Improv” episode of piffle, Josh & Noah are joined by Matilde Keizer of GRILL TALK, Antonia Bär of “the ‘h’ is silent”, Michele Guido of Vegetable Product, and Janina Rook of CǓNT HÅMMɆR, representing the winning teams from the Group Stage of the August Offensive improv tournament. They do some improv about cats. But first, Noah updates us on his driving license, we talk about how Telson isn’t really our last name, and Josh finds out his 3-year-old is a total liar.

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piffle! is written, produced and hosted by Josh & Noah Telson
Guests: Matilde Keizer, Antonia Bär, Michele Guido, and Janina Rook

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