piffle! episode twenty-three – Live & Rebooted, with Katja Gerz!

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piffle! episode twenty-three – Live & Rebooted, with Katja Gerz!

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We’re baaaaack!

It’s our first live show in a long while, and we’re doing things a bit different. Stripped down, raw, a mix between our previous live episodes and our weekly shorts, piffle will now be back monthly with our new live shows!
In this episode, Noah reveals his burning desire to drive again, there’s shit in Josh’s new backyard, Josh’s daughter only speaks German and it’s weird, our guest, German/American comedian & actress Katja Gerz, talks about growing up German/American, how her mom sued the German government, and her secret identity as ‘Miss Abigail’. We also talk about the Brexit, 7/11, watching the Euro Championships on delay, and, for some reason, the weather. We bring back our old “Rant, Pitch & Monologue” segment, this time on vegan donuts, and Mark Zuckerberg and Christo make an appearance. ENJOY!

See us live! “piffle!” is recorded live at the Comedy Café Berlin in Berlin, Germany. Our next show will be in early August.

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Katja Gerz

Katja Gerz


Katja Gerz is a German-American actress and comedian currently living in Berlin, Germany.


piffle! is written, produced and hosted by Josh & Noah Telson
Guest: Katja Gerz

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