piffle! short – Nic Cage’s Dinosaur Skull

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Put the dinosaur back in the box.

Due to a technical problem, this podcast is coming out late ’cause we had to re-record it. Fun! We talk about Nicolas Cage’s Tyrannosaurus Bataar skull, improvise a short scene about a brontosaurhouse, discuss holiday shopping in Germany, reminisce about Supermarket Sweep, and then promote some upcoming shows & classes!
Josh & Noah will each be teaching an improv course starting in January – check out http://hiveimprov.com for course listings & schedules – we’ll be offering free preview classes at the beginning of the month!
Also: we’ll be recording a live German-language stand up podcast with some of Berlin’s best comedians as part of a new podcast we’re doing on January 14th.
And on January 24th we’ll be presenting “Tatort auf Englisch” – where we live dub an episode of Germany’s famed crime series into English.
For more info go to http://comedycafeberlin.com/shows

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