piffle! short – Spargelzeit 2016

I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus! It’s asparagus season, which is more or less like a holiday season here in German, and we’ve got a remix of our amazing “Spargelzeit Song”! Join in by posting your own … Continued

piffle! short – We’re All Sick

*cough cough* We’re both struggling through coughing fits. So sorry. We talk about getting sick at nursing homes, turning senior homes into escape rooms, Josh sings Cat’s in the Cradle, and then goes off on a long rant about getting … Continued

piffle! short – Napoleon Penis

“Well, that’s in my search history now.” We’re back with a full length piffle! short. We talk the insanity of children’s museums, losing your kids, some improv about historical ignorance, Nancy Reagan, Drumpf & Cruz, plus Josh’s phone thinks he … Continued