piffle! short – Spargelzeit 2016

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piffle! short – Spargelzeit 2016

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I cuss, you cuss, we all cuss for asparagus!

It’s asparagus season, which is more or less like a holiday season here in German, and we’ve got a remix of our amazing “Spargelzeit Song“! Join in by posting your own version – lyrics are below!

The Spargelzeit Song
by Josh & Noah Telson
you can get them in green, you can get them in white
that’s not a racist thing, it’s just right
there’s enough for everyone, don’t get into a fight
it’s our favorite time of year, cause it’s spargelzeit
Spargelzeit, it’s spargelzeit
our favorite time of year, it’s spargelzeit

If you want to be fit, and to be healthy,
doesn’t take too much, don’t need to be wealthy,
just eat it all down, and you will see,
don’t worry ‘bout the smell, that’s just your pee.
Spargelzeit, it’s spargelzeit,
don’t worry about your pee, it’s spargelzeit

go to the market, don’t put up a fuss,
we say spargel, you say asparagus,
make sure you buy local, just because,
it’s better fresh, take it from us!
spargelzeit, it’s spargelzeit
buy it local, it’s spargelzeit.

you can cook it in a soup, or with chicken filets,
you can wrap it with bacon, serve it out on trays,
if you want to be cool, do what the bible says,
eat that spargel with hollandaise!
spargelzeit, it’s spargelzeit
hollandaise on my bible, it’s spargelzeit

in germany, it gets special treatment,
they pile dirt around it, so it has no pigment,
i bought so much spargel, that i can’t pay the rent,
don’t worry bout your pee, it’s the proper scent
spargelzeit, it’s spargelzeit
asparagusic acid, it’s spargelzeit

Music by Kevin MacLeod – “New Friendly” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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